• UniqU live in Poland

  • UniqU is now live on all major carriers in Poland.  Managing Director Roger Grice stresses the importance of growing UniqU across multiple languages.

    Mr Grice stated  “We have created a multi-lingual product, with a real-time, machine-learning translation engine.  The translation engine and translation framework have been significant bodies of work, but they have opened up Europe for us.  Any UniqU customer in any language can communicate with users in any other language and UniqU will simply translate the conversations in real-time.

    We have already developed the Spanish language version, but Poland lept to the front of the queue, simply because of the support we got from the carriers in that country.  We will continue with the translation project adding German, French and Italian as quickly as feasible. ”

    Poland has four major mobile carriers with a combined subscriber base of around 48 million customers.  Poland is not only a large country, it is also the fastest-growing large economy in Europe.


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