• Lateral Profiles submission to Phone Paid Services Assotiation

  • Lateral Profiles has made a submission to the Phone-paid Services Association in the UK.  The PSA is a subsidiary of OfCom the Office of Communication and is currently preparing a revised code of practice for carrier billing transactions.   Consistent with previous statements and positions, Lateral has stressed the need for clear articulation of commercial terms, as opposed to simply adding friction mechanisms to the payment flows.  Additionally Lateral proposed the need for greater and more relevant post-sale communication, in particular, a separate text message receipt for individual transactions as opposed to grouping transactions into a single receipt.   Lateral has often pointed out that erring on the side of too much receipting, not only gives customers protection but also protects the merchants from unjustified chargebacks.  The new code of practice is expected to be released by the end of 2019.

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