• Lateral Profiles MD Speaks at Global Billing Summit

  • Last month Lateral Profiles Managing Director, Roger Grice, spoke at the Global Carrier Billing Summit in London.  The GCBS is an annual event bringing together mobile networks, content owners, major platform owners such as Apple, Microsoft and Google and digital merchants.

    Grice presented a keynote address on the importance of merchant responsibility, in this raw and embryonic industry and the importance of adopting methodologies that engender customer trust and familiarity with the billing process.

    He stressed his belief that the digital industry has not yet seen maximum growth and that Direct Carrier Billing has the potential to be the fastest-growing sector in the entire digital landscape.  This can only be achieved by developing standards for payment flows that give customers a reliable and understandable payment experience.

    Mr Grice made the following comments “This is not the time to copy traditional payment flows using credit card, but to be bold and ensure Carrier Billing has its own commercial identity,”   “It is clearly a superior method to credit card billing and was once the standard method for buying digital content and services on mobile.  This position was eroded because of lack of cooperation between application stores and mobile carriers.”  “Let’s face it; the application stores were predatory and disruptive, with the clear intent of removing carriers from the commercial activity of their customers.”   Things are changing.  The world is swinging back towards a cloud-based model, web apps are becoming more common and the final piece of the puzzle, 5G, is just around the corner.” “In my opinion 5G, plus Web Apps, plus Direct Carrier billing could be the biggest digital commerce opportunity we have yet seen” “We just have to take care and get the basics right for the customers.  Digital commerce merchants using Direct Carrier Billing have a huge responsibility on their shoulders.”

    Mr Grice reported that the response, especially from the various mobile carriers at the summit, was extremely positive and encouraging.

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