Social Engagement

Our objectives with media partners are simple; create new and innovative ways to engage your audience.
We create unique options for audience engagement, participation and commercialisation.

We specialise in generating more revenue from your audience. Talk to us about the options:

  • Direct monetisation of your content, using Carrier Billing
  • Sell easy to monetise content and services to your audience
  • Engage them in a social environment that’s under your control and branding, not someone else’s.

We will enable you create a branded social channel for your audience:

  • Consolidate all social media channels like Facebook and Twitter
  • Add your own social media options including SMS
  • Present social interaction within your branded property
  • Add payment options

We create engagement with your audience through interaction, socialisation and participation around content, services and applications. That may be a simple text messaging campaign – we have performed thousands of these over the years. Or it could be a more complex mix of mobile, on-line, TV and social – and we have also done many of these.

If you need to drive real engagement that is consistent with your brand, multi-channel, and produces measurable financial results that generates bottom line revenue you should be talking to us.

Turn your audience into your customers.